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Welcome on the Dutch website knutselracing.nl  Through this site we want to share our plans and

race track experiences. Reports from our experiences will be listed in a chronological order.

Unfortunately they will be in Dutch only on the home page. Translating every single report will

take too much time. That time I rather spend elsewhere, sorry.

Please visit the page "Who are we?" to get an idea about what we do and who we are.


Agenda 2016:



Vrijdag 26 augustus - Zaterdag 27 augustus 2016, Nurburgring 26C

 This time again with Bike Promotion gereden. We have a very good weatherforecast.

(Ron, Eric)


Saturday,August 8 - Sunday, August 9 2016, Spa-Francorchamps 18 - 25C

 First time on this 7km long track in Belgium. Took us about 2 sessions before were

knew the track lay-out (sort of). Impressive track with hills and very high speeds.

 Saturday was a dry day and Sunday we just had a few minutes of (severe) rain.

Therefore we skipped the first session that day.

Eventually, we had a laptime of 2:45.7 (Eric) and 2:57 (Rene). Rene needs to have his bike improved!

(Rene LN, Eric)


Zaterdag 17 juni, Assen 19 - 23C

 Running on the track; the TT-run.

Eric did a run of 4.5km. Since it is Assen, there was rain for just 5 mins, just

before the start.


Saterday, June 11 - Sunday, June 12 2016, Nurburgring, Germany 16 - 25C

 Trackday with Bike Promotion gereden. Was quite busy; Some 263 riders in 5 groups.

According to the weatherforcast we should have had 2 rainy days.

Saturday was dry and now and then even sunny. In the evening we had a few German beers.

 Sunday started wet; need to get used to riding under wet conditons.

In the afternoon it became dry. Most people already had left. We had an openpitlane

which means the track is all yours. Did a lot of track time on slicks.

All had a wonderful time.

(Ron, Rene LN en Eric)

Sunday, March 27 - Wednesday, March 30 2016, Alcarras, Spain 24 - 27C

 Again, we started the 2016 season under the Spanish sun in ALcarras.

Only with another organisation; Bike Promotion. Were only a few other riders.

Unfortunately we had some issues:

- Fer had some issues with his suspension but was able to finish riding these days.

- Rene M crashed in turn 8 and finished his track experience here.

- Eric had a leakage in the engine and couldn't continue either.

Ron and Rene LN had no issues and did a lot a tracktime.

On the ast day, Ilja lost control in turn 1 and had a few scratches on the bike and

his ego. Ferry vR did a marvelous job; he rode a 1:40.2, riding there for the first time.

This week was different than other years with a lot of damage.

(Rene M, Ron, Fer, Eric, Rene LN en gastrijders: Ilja, Ferry vR)





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